Happy International Women’s Day!

Hi Everyone,

Just wishing you and your’s a very Happy International Women’s Day!

from Angelique Caplette photographer………



Fashion Fridays – Selfie Generation with Premika!

This was a creative photo shoot with Toronto model/actress Premika Leo, shot in my old apartment in Verdun, Quebec. We literally threw the wig on her and went “freestyle” as I call it, no plan just shot and had fun. I love this set, this is what happens when the model and photographer create magic together! Hope you enjoy!

Fashion Fridays -Leah…Red Leather

Loved working with Montreal model Leah Rose on this editorial style photo shoot. It was for shot for her model portfolio, and was shot in my old apartment in Verdun, Quebec. Despite the fact we had no professional make-up artist at that time, we managed to come out with some hot images. I styled the hair myself, as I am more concerned about the way hair looks in a photograph than the make-up. Leah is one of my favourite models as she is extremely versatile and can come across as many different characters, depending on the look you are going for. I hope you enjoy these shots, comments are welcome!


Fashion Friday – Zuzia “Pretty in Pink”

“Isn’t she…Pretty in Pink” this shoot conjures up images from the famous song from the Psychedelic Furs. I loved shooting this set inspired by Helmut Newton’s fashion style of photography. This shoot was shot in an empty house in Toronto, styled and photographed by Angelique Caplette, make-up by Natalia Zurwaska, Model: Zuzia…….Enjoy!


Fashion Friday…A little bit of Faith

Good evening everyone welcome back to Fashion Friday, it’s been a very busy week shooting, and I a writing this a wee bit tired! This week’s photo session features Montreal alternative actress/model Faith Rayah. I had a great time working with Faith she is a very experienced and expressive model, my favourite shot is the hair flying image which took a few tries to get that look. Faith was wearing designs from Primal Attitude & Gabriel Motorcycles. Hope you enjoy!


Giselle – Fashion with a little passion Friday….

I shot this set in my old vintage one bedroom apartment on Queen street west Toronto. I started officially shooting as my profession at that time and left my “day job”. Giselle was a model for Elite at the time, she was the kind of model that blows your mind when she gets in front of the camera, there was no need to direct her as almost everything she did looked like a photograph. I never was able to find her again after this shoot, I heard she developed an addiction but I have these incredible shots. There are many more of this set which I may post at a later date.

She came in like the wind and blew her beauty into my eyes, her body moved with grace, she left me with a heavy heart and curious mind……Angelique Caplette Photographer


Fashion Fridays Late Night Edition….The Veil Photo Shoot

The veil is by definition a piece of fine material worn by women to conceal or protect the face. In my world it serves as a way to add a sense of mystique to the models face, and draws attention to the lips or eyes. I also love vintage and high fashion hats that sit “just so” upon the models head, especially mini hats. This is a collection of some of my favourite face shots and expressions, there are many more shots from this shoot which I will post in future, I hope you enjoy this shoot! Model Karen Constance Make-Up by Omar Roessler (Toronto). Hope you all enjoy!


Another issue of Fashion Fridays….with model Leah

This was a creative photo shoot with Montreal model Leah Rose. As a model, Leah is like a chameleon becoming exactly what the photographer’s vision foresees. Our theme for this photo shoot was a classic high fashion look, with a twist of the 1940’s style. Make-up by Emily Rivkin, any booking inquires CONTACT US HERE.


Fashion Friday Presents: Kate Kelton & Daren Kirby

Today, Exposure Studios is featuring two talented models/actors; the ever-graceful Kate Kelton and her handsome counterpart Daren Kirby.

This week’s photo was conceived and created by the visionary mind of Tracy Hutchinson. The goal was to encourage audiences to consider our culture’s perceived gender roles and the profound impact they have on constructing the commonly held notions we bear around the behaviours of men and women. By placing Kate in the position of the male observer as Daren poses provocatively in front of a mirror, presenting as her object-of-desire, these photos humorously challenge the common notions we hold around gender-performances in modern society.

This series was shot by me at my Toronto studio apartment. Makeup administered by the talented Omar Roessler.

Tune in next week to see who we’ll be featuring next!


TGIF.  Four extremely important letters to kick-off this round of Fashion Friday, and boy if we haven’t decided to spoil all of our Exposure followers this Friday with another photo installation of the incredibly talented Ludmila Kolesnikov.

As sweater-weather starts to fumble into our lives, thrusting its frigid morning hands upon our rosy-red cheeks, street style has steadily begun to deviate from Summer mode into Autumn-inspired fashion warfare. Paper bag waist pants compete to outshine deep coral wrap coats and stylish pedestrians race to shift the shades of their wardrobes with the changing colours of the leaves.

Meanwhile, the versatile Ludmila Kolesnikov sports a chic Autumn ensemble and provokes September-reverie within every Fall fashionista.

Ludmila has progressively become one of my favourite models to work with, and it’s not difficult to see just why. With her mystical beauty and enthralling natural look, she never ceases to charm my camera. Her editorial features can shape and suit each photo session or style that I conceive. Like a chameleon, she is able to accommodate herself to just about any photo environment while adequately epitomizing the vision I desire.


Makeup in this series administered by the skilled Emily Rivkin.

Tune in next Friday to see which fashion concept and model we’ll be featuring next! Don’t forget to keep up-to-date with all of my works on the Exposure Studio website where I’ll be posting some exciting new content in the near future. Here’s a little hint; think Retro meets Calvin Klein…