Sensual Samedi

Another sensual samedi/Saturday with a beautiful set from way back. I shot this in my Toronto apartment on Queen street west, of my girlfriend’s sister. Enjoy! Text (514) 677-2016 for booking rates & dates!


Sensual Sunday with Irina K

Creative collaboration with model Irina K from Elite Models Toronto. This is an oldie but goodie folks! Loved working on this shoot! Set design & styling by myself, make-up by Natalia Zurwaska

Sensual Samedi: Featuring Lady Von Tigress……

Caplette Foto welcomes you back to another Sensual Samedi with the lustrous Lady Von Tigress!

Take a moment out of your Saturday to bask in all of this vivacious sensuality…


Become spellbound by her tantalizing curves  -her striking mane ignited in cerise flame. Her features arresting the wandering eye as they boast an untamed aristocracy made possible by a perfect alliance between soft and fierce.



Tigress offered up an abundance of dynamic know-how during our photo session, creating a lasting impression on myself and my camera. Shooting with her turned out to be an absolute treat and I much look forward to working with her again in the near future

Series shot in Mississauga, Ontario.

Makeup by Punch Zombie FX.

These provocative images are currently being featured in VX2 Magazine.

If you’re looking to indulge in more sensuality, you can find my works and/or purchase all of their issues here.

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Mundane Tuesday

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

I often find myself struggling with Tuesdays. They aren’t like Mondays, the ever-infamous weekday that we all love to hate. And they sure aren’t like  Wednesdays or Thursdays, when the light at the end of the work week becomes palpable as Saturday and Sunday start seeming less a distant fantasy and more an undeniable reality. But I still can’t quite figure out Tuesdays… they bear no significant value for me, and as I’m feeling rather bored on this particular Tuesday, I’ve decided to spice up yours with a little bit of what I like to call; “Caplette Foto Food-Porn”.


Am I making you hungry yet…?

In light of today, I feel compelled to wish you all a Tuesday bountiful with frosted cupcake-y goodness and cheesy-wine perfection. Go treat yourself!

Black & White Flashback….

image“The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper” -W. B. Yeats

     A bewitching image of the beautiful Kate Kelton -shot with black and white film by yours truly.

     This photograph seems to trigger a perpetual nostalgia within me. I’ll always be delighted with how this series turned out; from the way the lighting plays upon the angles of Kate’s features, to the provocative mysticism she so effortlessly captures in her elegant poses and careful expressions. Beautiful!

Editorial Photo Shoot with Model Ludmila

Gorgeous editorial with model Ludmila Kolesnikov of Montreal Agency New Wave Models one of many versatile looks to come from this gorgeous model!
Photographer Angelique Caplette from ExposureStudios Make-up by: Emily Rivkin MUA & Cosmeticsimage

Model: Ludmila Kolesnikov

Food Photography on-location at Resto Mercuri Montreal….

I had the pleasure to work with one of Montreal’s top chef’s restaurants, Mercuri Restaurant on-location this week. Shooting on-location and utilizing what is readily available is one of my strong points, I truly enjoyed photographing at Mercuri Restaurant. Here are some on my favorited images from the shoot. Hope you enjoy, comments welcome! To book us on-location contact Angelique at (514) 677-2016

CAPLETTE FOTO is Finally moving to a LOFT location!

Screen shot 2015-11-07 at 10.24.37 PMHi everyone! After three years working from a home studio, I have finally located a downtown loft location in downtown Montreal that is the perfect size for living and working! Finding a “raw loft” is a real challenge in this day and age, as condos have become king and are now dominating the market. I love the feel and vibe of a “real” loft as it had character and you can make it into what you want, and paint or build into it to suit your needs. I am very excited to begin shooting in the new loft soon! if you have any booking inquires feel free to contact me in the form below….will post photos of the new loft soon after painting.