Flashback Friday (yeah I know It’s late!) 

Photo shoot with the infamous eastcoast fidler, Ashley MacIsaac back in 2006. I was handing out promo in the gay village in Toronto, and this guy asked me for a postcard, we talked outside and he said “you know who I am, don’t you?” and I said No?! He said ” I’m Ashley MacIsaac!” I didn’t believe him but said “Oh wow!”. He said he need new promo and he will have his agent call me, I still didn’t believe him!!!! About a day later they called! anyhow there are many crazy shots from this shoot, but here is the cover. I’ll post more later, half the shoot was shot on a film camera in B&W. Hope you all enjoy!


Sensual Samedi – “Life is a Cabaret” with Jeny May Walker

Jeny May is one of my favourite models/actress to photograph of all time. She is hands down the most expressive personality on camera I am worked with, and connects with the photographer to create amazing images. This set was photographed with “Life is a Cabaret” theme in mind in my old studio on William street in Montreal. Originally we shot this to submit to the infamous Suicide Girls site, and although it wasn’t accepted we had an incredible time shooting this set. Jeny is now living and working as an actress in LA, but may be coming to Montreal for a visit, I can’t wait to work with her again! Enjoy!

Sensual Samedi – “Neon Green” with Tamar….

I met Tamar on the subway while living in Toronto, I am not one to ask a stranger to shoot but on this case I could not resist and just asked. Tamar it turned out was a model recruited by Sutherland models and she agreed to shoot a fashion “Creative” with me along with this amazing set of semi nudes. Sometimes simplicity really is best so I decided on a simple neon green sheer fabric on nude skin, the results were incredible. Make-up by Toronto artist Omar Roessler a 20 year veteran in the business, and my all time fav to work with. I really need to start shooting images like these again! this is where my passion lives. I hope you all enjoy. – Angelique Caplette P.S. Very minimal photo retouching here just how I like it!!!!!!


Sensual Samedi, Late Night Edition

Its a late night edition of “Sensual Samedi” my friends, here is a little throw back from 2010 when I decided to move back to Toronto. I was asked by Skunk magazine (Montreal) to photograph weed activist Jessika Violet in a fashion spread. We shot at the Hot Box Cafe in Toronto, Kensington market. Hope you all enjoy!



Sensual Semedi “The Real Art” Edition…..

Everyone’s definition of Sensuality is different, but the true definition is the condition of being pleasing or fulfilling to the senses. This comes in many forms male, female, fit, slim, thick, Asian, ethnic, & Caucasian. I have explored many of these subjects in my photography, and I would like to show you some of my “Real Art”. This piece entitled “Aggressive” was shot on a Nikon FM2 35mm film camera on 400ISo film, in 2003. It will be available for purchase soon! Comments welcome! If you have enquires Contact me



Another “Sensual Samedi” with Rose Valentine……

Rose has become my latest “Muse”, she has an amazing attitude during photo shoots, and is an extremely versatile model. Rose can portray fashion like a pro, and also turn the heat up for glamour photo sessions as you will see here. To book Rose for your next photo shoot CLICK HERE  To book me for a Glam Shoot CLICK HERE


Sensual Samedi: Featuring Lady Von Tigress……

Caplette Foto welcomes you back to another Sensual Samedi with the lustrous Lady Von Tigress!

Take a moment out of your Saturday to bask in all of this vivacious sensuality…


Become spellbound by her tantalizing curves  -her striking mane ignited in cerise flame. Her features arresting the wandering eye as they boast an untamed aristocracy made possible by a perfect alliance between soft and fierce.



Tigress offered up an abundance of dynamic know-how during our photo session, creating a lasting impression on myself and my camera. Shooting with her turned out to be an absolute treat and I much look forward to working with her again in the near future

Series shot in Mississauga, Ontario.

Makeup by Punch Zombie FX.

These provocative images are currently being featured in VX2 Magazine.

If you’re looking to indulge in more sensuality, you can find my works and/or purchase all of their issues here.

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Introducing “Sensual Samedi”……..

I would like to announce my new blog theme “Sensual Samedi”, where I will be featuring my favourite muses & clients every Saturday. In case you are wondering, “Samedi” is Saturday en Francais! Throughout all the years photographing women, I have had some private requests to photograph men. I recently had the pleasure of working with Maxime Durocher, a highly publicized male courtesan who caters to a strictly female clientele. These images are from our first photo session together in-studio, very fitting for  the “Sensual Samedi” theme. I hope you enjoy his images for more info on Maxime Click HERE


Photo Shoot X-Vivid Entertainment Girl Malezia….

Back in 2005 when I was traveling back & forth from Toronto to Montreal for client photo shoots monthly. I met Malezia in my Toronto studio for a  duo style shoot with another model, I ended up staying at her loft near Jean Talon in Montreal and shooting my clients work there. She was signed with Vivid Entertainment at the time, but is no longer. This was a candid photo shoot taken after we drank a lot of wine and I decided to shoot her in what I call a “freestyle shoot”. By the NO photo shop here! Comments welcome hope you enjoy!


Hotel10 Location Photo shoot Avec model Kiessy

I was recently hired to photograph glamour model Kiessy on location at the hotel 10 in Montreal. It was a gorgeous location and Kiessy was a pleasure to work with. I shot with a Canon 60D camera, and 2 Bowen’s Gemini 400watt tribes lights with Octa-box. I also took some time to get video footage an put together this sensual video as well. All video was shot in available lighting. Comments or questions welcome!

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