Introducing Flashback Friday’s! with model Faith Rayah….

Loved this shot with indie model/actress Faith Rayah from Montreal. Hair shots are quite a challenge to get just right, but we nailed it here! Hope you all enjoy….Angelique Caplette 


Fashion-Friday! Tamar: All That Sultry Vogue 


These sensual images flaunt exactly why I enjoy experimenting with lighting so much. My photo session with Tamar highlights how effective it can be to toy with contrast and brightness in order to draw attention to the dynamic structures and contours of a model. I’m always amazed by how the slightest manipulation of light and shade can be such a powerful tool to shape the overall mood of a picture. In my experience, no photo-shoot is ever quite the same, so when I’m faced  with someone like Tamar (above) who possesses such jaw-dropping features that demand to be immortalised within the permanence of my camera, the tiny fashion photographer residing within me starts to fidget and tap; an itching restlessness to come out and make a scene! In this particular shoot, I found that the harmonious interplay between light and colour were elemental in making this series such a provocative display.

Shot back in Wiltshire at my old studio, this shoot was without question one of my favourites to prepare and produce! what made it even more memorable was the great pleasure of working with Omar Roessler; one of the most talented makeup artists I’ve ever collaborated with. He was able to achieve exactly what I had envisioned, using his skillful hand to harness the look that I’d been trying to manifest while effectively spotlighting Tamar’s sultry features against the lustrous space of my studio.

Tamar, our graceful model, was with Sutherland Models in Toronto at the time. With a hint of luck, I discovered her on the subway as I was making my daily commute home. Between her dynamite look, my vision, and our incredible makeup artist’s crafty expertise, the series came out swathed in aesthetic allure.

Some of you might be interested to know that I shot an additional nude version of this series as well.

CAPLETTE FOTO is Finally moving to a LOFT location!

Screen shot 2015-11-07 at 10.24.37 PMHi everyone! After three years working from a home studio, I have finally located a downtown loft location in downtown Montreal that is the perfect size for living and working! Finding a “raw loft” is a real challenge in this day and age, as condos have become king and are now dominating the market. I love the feel and vibe of a “real” loft as it had character and you can make it into what you want, and paint or build into it to suit your needs. I am very excited to begin shooting in the new loft soon! if you have any booking inquires feel free to contact me in the form below….will post photos of the new loft soon after painting.