That time when I met Ashley MacIsaac….

Sometime back in 2006, I entered a book store and asked if I could place my promotional post cards there, & I heard someone say “I’ll take one”. When I turned around I neglected to recognize who I was talking to, so I gave him a card and walked out.

When I was outside i heard the same voice say “hey, Not sure if you recognized me, but I would like to introduce myself I’m Ashley MacIsaac.” I actually didn’t believe it was him and said nice to meet you, and left. The next day I received a call from his agent at the time, asking to set up a photo shoot for his next album release “Pride”… sometimes your career can take you in the strangest of places, but in the end you will see that all these little events lead up to where you are meant to be.

– Angelique Caplette


Sensual Samedi – Toronto Glam Shoot!

Glam Session at a Toronto condo last month outdoors! Had a great time working with Hailey. Enjoy!

Fashion Friday’s Late Night Edition….The Veil

The veil is by definition a piece of fine material worn by women to conceal or protect the face. In my world it serves as a way to add a sense of mystique to the models face, and draws attention to the lips or eyes. I also love vintage and high fashion hats that sit “just so” upon the models head, especially mini hats. This is a collection of some of my favourite face shots and expressions, there are many more shots from this shoot which I will post in future, I hope you enjoy this shoot! Model Karen Constance Make-Up by Omar Roessler (Toronto). Photography & Styling by Angelique Caplette. Hope you all enjoy!



“Burlesque Girl” is now Available as Art Prints, greeting cards, pillows and more!

Click on Image to View Prints & SizesI always loved this photograph, it was a more candid shot taken in between posing the model. It has a certain feeling to it that the others don’t. I will be posting more from this shoot in next few weeks including this image, they could be purchased as a series or your home. Enjoy!

“Top Hat & A Wink” Pin-Up Print Available Directly from Art Pal

Click image will take you to the Art Pal Page with this image

A fun themed photo shoot inspired by Bettie Page’s burlesque films. I styled the photo shoot from top to bottom, including the outfit and background. This is one of my favorite shots from the shoot, it captured the look and feel of what I wanted. Click on the image to be directed to the Art Pal Page.