Sensual Sunday with model Jen Nuygen….

I loved working with international glamour model Jen Nuygen. We worked on- location in an Italian resto in Toronto on this set, I forget the name of the place but wow! Some great backgrounds for a shoot. I hope you enjoy this set! 


Sensual Samedi – Toronto Glam Shoot!

Glam Session at a Toronto condo last month outdoors! Had a great time working with Hailey. Enjoy!

Sensual Samedi – “Life is a Cabaret” with Jeny May Walker

Jeny May is one of my favourite models/actress to photograph of all time. She is hands down the most expressive personality on camera I am worked with, and connects with the photographer to create amazing images. This set was photographed with “Life is a Cabaret” theme in mind in my old studio on William street in Montreal. Originally we shot this to submit to the infamous Suicide Girls site, and although it wasn’t accepted we had an incredible time shooting this set. Jeny is now living and working as an actress in LA, but may be coming to Montreal for a visit, I can’t wait to work with her again! Enjoy!


Fashion Friday’s Late Night Edition….The Veil

The veil is by definition a piece of fine material worn by women to conceal or protect the face. In my world it serves as a way to add a sense of mystique to the models face, and draws attention to the lips or eyes. I also love vintage and high fashion hats that sit “just so” upon the models head, especially mini hats. This is a collection of some of my favourite face shots and expressions, there are many more shots from this shoot which I will post in future, I hope you enjoy this shoot! Model Karen Constance Make-Up by Omar Roessler (Toronto). Photography & Styling by Angelique Caplette. Hope you all enjoy!




Another “Sensual Samedi” with Rose Valentine……

Rose has become my latest “Muse”, she has an amazing attitude during photo shoots, and is an extremely versatile model. Rose can portray fashion like a pro, and also turn the heat up for glamour photo sessions as you will see here. To book Rose for your next photo shoot CLICK HERE  To book me for a Glam Shoot CLICK HERE


Sensual Samedi -Melina May

Well, it’s that time of week again! As Saturday emerges from the wreckage of our work weeks, we feel ready to indulge all of our lovely Caplette Foto followers and fans with the latest set of bodacious photography…

Erotic Stock

This week, Caplette Foto is featuring the stunning Melina May amidst all of her charismatic glitz and glam. Not only is this provocative Polish model an absolute breeze to work with, she also has a remarkable knack for adaptability, allowing her to suit all of my visionary desires.

Melina demonstrated an incredibly bold sense of creativity, which was what ultimately made this photo shoot such a blast to conduct! With a great attitude and an easy-going character, she succeeded in generating a thoroughly enjoyable atmosphere throughout the entirety of our session. Dazzling and dangerous, this girl really knows how to impress and entice!

These photos were featured in the erotic American ‘Leg Sex Magazine’ and Ireland’s ‘Naughty Contacts Magazine’.

Photography, setting, and design conceived by me.

Makeup by the talented Rikki Zucker.

Tune-in next week to see which sensuous model we’ll be featuring next!





Sensual Samedi: Featuring Lady Von Tigress……

Caplette Foto welcomes you back to another Sensual Samedi with the lustrous Lady Von Tigress!

Take a moment out of your Saturday to bask in all of this vivacious sensuality…


Become spellbound by her tantalizing curves  -her striking mane ignited in cerise flame. Her features arresting the wandering eye as they boast an untamed aristocracy made possible by a perfect alliance between soft and fierce.



Tigress offered up an abundance of dynamic know-how during our photo session, creating a lasting impression on myself and my camera. Shooting with her turned out to be an absolute treat and I much look forward to working with her again in the near future

Series shot in Mississauga, Ontario.

Makeup by Punch Zombie FX.

These provocative images are currently being featured in VX2 Magazine.

If you’re looking to indulge in more sensuality, you can find my works and/or purchase all of their issues here.

Or you can visit Caplette Foto’s website to keep up with all of my latest fashion photography.


Photo Shoot X-Vivid Entertainment Girl Malezia….

Back in 2005 when I was traveling back & forth from Toronto to Montreal for client photo shoots monthly. I met Malezia in my Toronto studio for a  duo style shoot with another model, I ended up staying at her loft near Jean Talon in Montreal and shooting my clients work there. She was signed with Vivid Entertainment at the time, but is no longer. This was a candid photo shoot taken after we drank a lot of wine and I decided to shoot her in what I call a “freestyle shoot”. By the NO photo shop here! Comments welcome hope you enjoy!


Published in VX2 Magazine

Award winning fashion & glamour photographer Angelique Caplette’s work has now been published in VX2 magazine, This photo shoot featured international glamour model Jennifer Nguyen, from Vancouver B.C. Learn more about Angelique

Le travail de primé mode et glamour photographe Angelique Caplette a été publié dans le magazine VX2, Cette séance photo en vedette modèle de glamour international Jennifer Nguyen, de Vancouver BC. More about Angelique


Less is more – Simple Technique Lighting Tutorial

Hi, I’m been very busy shooting my glamour sessions up to 5 per week at this point, so retouching has been crazy as well. In any case I though i may as well post tonight’s photo session favorite. When you are photographing a female glamour model imagesometimes less is more. Simple backdrops allow for the model to stand out, as opposed to a busier background. This photograph was shot with one octagon soft box at a 45degree just below the models shoulders, which creates a dramatic shadow on the back wall as well as depth & shape to the body which I Love. Next time you try photographing someone use this principle even in natural lighting use one soft light source 45degree in the side and you will be very happy with the results. Hope you enjoy this tutorial, and if you have any questions feel free to e-mail me below.