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Sensual Sunday…Glam Time…

A little peak inside my Glam Portfolio! Shot with some of my favourite models. Hope you enjoy this Edition of Sensual Sunday! @jennimayluv @julia_mystique @jennifern3guyn_ #glamourphotographer #Montreal #Vancouver #Photography #SundayRead via @RiplApp

Sensual Sunday with Irina K

Creative collaboration with model Irina K from Elite Models Toronto. This is an oldie but goodie folks! Loved working on this shoot! Set design & styling by myself, make-up by Natalia Zurwaska

Sensual Samedi – Toronto Glam Shoot!

Glam Session at a Toronto condo last month outdoors! Had a great time working with Hailey. Enjoy!

Sensual Samedi – “Life is a Cabaret” with Jeny May Walker

Jeny May is one of my favourite models/actress to photograph of all time. She is hands down the most expressive personality on camera I am worked with, and connects with the photographer to create amazing images. This set was photographed with “Life is a Cabaret” theme in mind in my old studio on William street in Montreal. Originally we shot this to submit to the infamous Suicide Girls site, and although it wasn’t accepted we had an incredible time shooting this set. Jeny is now living and working as an actress in LA, but may be coming to Montreal for a visit, I can’t wait to work with her again! Enjoy!

Giselle – Fashion with a little bit of Passion

I shot this set in my old vintage one bedroom apartment on Queen street west Toronto. I started officially shooting as my profession at that time and left my “day job”. Giselle was a model for Elite at the time, she was the kind of model that blows your mind when she gets in front of the camera, there was no need to direct her as almost everything she did looked like a photograph. I never was able to find her again after this shoot, I heard she developed an addiction but I have these incredible shots. There are many more of this set which I may post at a later date.

She came in like the wind and blew her beauty into my eyes, her body moved with grace, she left me with a heavy heart and curious mind……Angelique Caplette Photographer

Sensual Samedi, Late Night Edition

Its a late night edition of “Sensual Samedi” my friends, here is a little throw back from 2010 when I decided to move back to Toronto. I was asked by Skunk magazine (Montreal) to photograph weed activist Jessika Violet in a fashion spread. We shot at the Hot Box Cafe in Toronto, Kensington market. Hope you all enjoy!


Another “Sensual Samedi” with Rose Valentine……

Rose has become my latest “Muse”, she has an amazing attitude during photo shoots, and is an extremely versatile model. Rose can portray fashion like a pro, and also turn the heat up for glamour photo sessions as you will see here. To book Rose for your next photo shoot CLICK HERE  To book me for a Glam Shoot CLICK HERE

Photo Shoot X-Vivid Entertainment Girl Malezia….

Back in 2005 when I was traveling back & forth from Toronto to Montreal for client photo shoots monthly. I met Malezia in my Toronto studio for a  duo style shoot with another model, I ended up staying at her loft near Jean Talon in Montreal and shooting my clients work there. She was signed with Vivid Entertainment at the time, but is no longer. This was a candid photo shoot taken after we drank a lot of wine and I decided to shoot her in what I call a “freestyle shoot”. By the NO photo shop here! Comments welcome hope you enjoy!

Less is more – Simple Technique Lighting Tutorial

Hi, I’m been very busy shooting my glamour sessions up to 5 per week at this point, so retouching has been crazy as well. In any case I though i may as well post tonight’s photo session favorite. When you are photographing a female glamour model imagesometimes less is more. Simple backdrops allow for the model to stand out, as opposed to a busier background. This photograph was shot with one octagon soft box at a 45degree just below the models shoulders, which creates a dramatic shadow on the back wall as well as depth & shape to the body which I Love. Next time you try photographing someone use this principle even in natural lighting use one soft light source 45degree in the side and you will be very happy with the results. Hope you enjoy this tutorial, and if you have any questions feel free to e-mail me below.