Fashion Friday: Russian Model Irina Funtikova

As a photographer, I’ve always found myself easily enthralled with the mesmerizing beauty of Eastern European women. They seem to consistently present something mystical -something utterly enchanting within the architecture of their makeup.


These image highlight just how compelling Irina’s exquisite bone structure and soft features can be when trying to capture that sultry-vintage look.

Designing and conducting this classical 1940s-inspired photo shoot was an absolute treasure! Irina topped-off the experience with her incredible performance. Her mysterious beauty was elemental in making these images reminiscent of a time rife with swing, cigars, and line skirts.

Irina Funtikova is currently licensed with Elite Model Management Toronto. She’s recently been featured in a spread with Fashion Gone Rogue. Be sure to check out their incredible shoot here.

Makeup by the ever-magnificent Rikki Zucker.

Concept and photography by yours truly…

Tune-in next week to see which model we’ll be featuring next!


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