Rowdy Caplette Dec. 2004- Oct. 10, 2016

I normally do not post personal posts like this but I feel Rowdy needs to be remembered by all. The love of my life after 13 years has passed October 10th, 2016 at 12:35PM….this was a very dark day in my life, he has been with me through 2 relationships 13 moves, and all my good and bad times. Rowdy was my Burmese cat, and he was just as human to me than anyone. He was with me at at almost all my photo shoots, and was always curious and ended up in many photos. Rowdy was wild at heart and born in east Toronto, his mother was a tiny young cat and his father was a stray street cat. We think he was a Burmese mix, but it didn’t matter to me. All Rowdy ever wanted his whole life was to be free outside, he even ran away 3 times. His spirit has always wanted be outdoors and I kept him indoors, I always felt I was keeping him trapped for my own companionship. I pray now maybe he has a chance to be free to roam. I thank Dr. Lalond of K911 for his compassionate care and in home care, he is a 30 year vet and conducts “In home euthanasia. I did not want to do this to him, and it was one of the most painful experences of my life to do this. Rest assured he did not suffer s there were 3 steps to the process, 1 – sedative, 2- rendered him unconcious, 3- stops organs. He had feline Lukemia which started to cause neurological issues in his brain which affected his spine and walking, plus a bowel blockage which the vet would not remove unless he was stable. I want to thank everyone who donated the money was used for the in home care today. Please make sure you Vacinat your cat for Feline Lukemia & FIV when they are small, or this fate may happen to you, he only had contact with one cat outside the house in his life and caught this horrible disease. Here are some memories from 2004 till now….may Rowdy rest in peace and be with creator Amen.



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