Sensual Samedi, Late Night Edition

Its a late night edition of “Sensual Samedi” my friends, here is a little throw back from 2010 when I decided to move back to Toronto. I was asked by Skunk magazine (Montreal) to photograph weed activist Jessika Violet in a fashion spread. We shot at the Hot Box Cafe in Toronto, Kensington market. Hope you all enjoy!



Fashion Friday: Karine

​Welcome back to another Fashion Friday feature!

Today, Exposure Studios is showcasing our youngest model yet; the vibrant Karine -a talented Montreal model blossoming onto the local fashion scene.

Karine, only sixteen years old at the time of this photo shoot, demonstrated a strong capacity for a promising career in the modelling industry. Unsurprisingly, this talented young woman is now an active player in the realm of modelling and fashion production.

Style and concept conceived and photographed by yours truly…

Series shot at my old loft on William Street, Montréal. 

Fashion Friday: Russian Model Irina Funtikova

As a photographer, I’ve always found myself easily enthralled with the mesmerizing beauty of Eastern European women. They seem to consistently present something mystical -something utterly enchanting within the architecture of their makeup.


These image highlight just how compelling Irina’s exquisite bone structure and soft features can be when trying to capture that sultry-vintage look.

Designing and conducting this classical 1940s-inspired photo shoot was an absolute treasure! Irina topped-off the experience with her incredible performance. Her mysterious beauty was elemental in making these images reminiscent of a time rife with swing, cigars, and line skirts.

Irina Funtikova is currently licensed with Elite Model Management Toronto. She’s recently been featured in a spread with Fashion Gone Rogue. Be sure to check out their incredible shoot here.

Makeup by the ever-magnificent Rikki Zucker.

Concept and photography by yours truly…

Tune-in next week to see which model we’ll be featuring next!

Sensual Semedi “The Real Art” Edition…..

Everyone’s definition of Sensuality is different, but the true definition is the condition of being pleasing or fulfilling to the senses. This comes in many forms male, female, fit, slim, thick, Asian, ethnic, & Caucasian. I have explored many of these subjects in my photography, and I would like to show you some of my “Real Art”. This piece entitled “Aggressive” was shot on a Nikon FM2 35mm film camera on 400ISo film, in 2003. It will be available for purchase soon! Comments welcome! If you have enquires Contact me


Another issue of Fashion Fridays….with model Leah

This was a creative photo shoot with Montreal model Leah Rose. As a model, Leah is like a chameleon becoming exactly what the photographer’s vision foresees. Our theme for this photo shoot was a classic high fashion look, with a twist of the 1940’s style. Make-up by Emily Rivkin, any booking inquires CONTACT US HERE.

Rowdy Caplette Dec. 2004- Oct. 10, 2016

I normally do not post personal posts like this but I feel Rowdy needs to be remembered by all. The love of my life after 13 years has passed October 10th, 2016 at 12:35PM….this was a very dark day in my life, he has been with me through 2 relationships 13 moves, and all my good and bad times. Rowdy was my Burmese cat, and he was just as human to me than anyone. He was with me at at almost all my photo shoots, and was always curious and ended up in many photos. Rowdy was wild at heart and born in east Toronto, his mother was a tiny young cat and his father was a stray street cat. We think he was a Burmese mix, but it didn’t matter to me. All Rowdy ever wanted his whole life was to be free outside, he even ran away 3 times. His spirit has always wanted be outdoors and I kept him indoors, I always felt I was keeping him trapped for my own companionship. I pray now maybe he has a chance to be free to roam. I thank Dr. Lalond of K911 for his compassionate care and in home care, he is a 30 year vet and conducts “In home euthanasia. I did not want to do this to him, and it was one of the most painful experences of my life to do this. Rest assured he did not suffer s there were 3 steps to the process, 1 – sedative, 2- rendered him unconcious, 3- stops organs. He had feline Lukemia which started to cause neurological issues in his brain which affected his spine and walking, plus a bowel blockage which the vet would not remove unless he was stable. I want to thank everyone who donated the money was used for the in home care today. Please make sure you Vacinat your cat for Feline Lukemia & FIV when they are small, or this fate may happen to you, he only had contact with one cat outside the house in his life and caught this horrible disease. Here are some memories from 2004 till now….may Rowdy rest in peace and be with creator Amen.


Another “Sensual Samedi” with Rose Valentine……

Rose has become my latest “Muse”, she has an amazing attitude during photo shoots, and is an extremely versatile model. Rose can portray fashion like a pro, and also turn the heat up for glamour photo sessions as you will see here. To book Rose for your next photo shoot CLICK HERE  To book me for a Glam Shoot CLICK HERE

Fashion Friday Presents: Kate Kelton & Daren Kirby

Today, Exposure Studios is featuring two talented models/actors; the ever-graceful Kate Kelton and her handsome counterpart Daren Kirby.

This week’s photo was conceived and created by the visionary mind of Tracy Hutchinson. The goal was to encourage audiences to consider our culture’s perceived gender roles and the profound impact they have on constructing the commonly held notions we bear around the behaviours of men and women. By placing Kate in the position of the male observer as Daren poses provocatively in front of a mirror, presenting as her object-of-desire, these photos humorously challenge the common notions we hold around gender-performances in modern society.

This series was shot by me at my Toronto studio apartment. Makeup administered by the talented Omar Roessler.

Tune in next week to see who we’ll be featuring next!

Sensual Samedi -Melina May

Well, it’s that time of week again! As Saturday emerges from the wreckage of our work weeks, we feel ready to indulge all of our lovely Caplette Foto followers and fans with the latest set of bodacious photography…

Erotic Stock

This week, Caplette Foto is featuring the stunning Melina May amidst all of her charismatic glitz and glam. Not only is this provocative Polish model an absolute breeze to work with, she also has a remarkable knack for adaptability, allowing her to suit all of my visionary desires.

Melina demonstrated an incredibly bold sense of creativity, which was what ultimately made this photo shoot such a blast to conduct! With a great attitude and an easy-going character, she succeeded in generating a thoroughly enjoyable atmosphere throughout the entirety of our session. Dazzling and dangerous, this girl really knows how to impress and entice!

These photos were featured in the erotic American ‘Leg Sex Magazine’ and Ireland’s ‘Naughty Contacts Magazine’.

Photography, setting, and design conceived by me.

Makeup by the talented Rikki Zucker.

Tune-in next week to see which sensuous model we’ll be featuring next!