TGIF.  Four extremely important letters to kick-off this round of Fashion Friday, and boy if we haven’t decided to spoil all of our Exposure followers this Friday with another photo installation of the incredibly talented Ludmila Kolesnikov.

As sweater-weather starts to fumble into our lives, thrusting its frigid morning hands upon our rosy-red cheeks, street style has steadily begun to deviate from Summer mode into Autumn-inspired fashion warfare. Paper bag waist pants compete to outshine deep coral wrap coats and stylish pedestrians race to shift the shades of their wardrobes with the changing colours of the leaves.

Meanwhile, the versatile Ludmila Kolesnikov sports a chic Autumn ensemble and provokes September-reverie within every Fall fashionista.

Ludmila has progressively become one of my favourite models to work with, and it’s not difficult to see just why. With her mystical beauty and enthralling natural look, she never ceases to charm my camera. Her editorial features can shape and suit each photo session or style that I conceive. Like a chameleon, she is able to accommodate herself to just about any photo environment while adequately epitomizing the vision I desire.


Makeup in this series administered by the skilled Emily Rivkin.

Tune in next Friday to see which fashion concept and model we’ll be featuring next! Don’t forget to keep up-to-date with all of my works on the Exposure Studio website where I’ll be posting some exciting new content in the near future. Here’s a little hint; think Retro meets Calvin Klein…




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