As a Matter of Fact, It’s Perfect for Print


     Communications specialist Brady Dahmer and his west coast-bred knack for creativity produced the compelling ‘Not Fit for Print’ show; an exhibit that was to be featured in the opening gala of BC’s Fashion Week back in 2006. I was among 24 fortunate Canadian fashion photographers who’s works were hand-picked to be showcased in Brady’s groundbreaking exhibition. Upon its quick acquisition of public esteem, the expo enabled me to gain a reputation and flourish on the national stage as a distinguished ‘Top- Photographer’. 

     This ethereal image is entitled ‘Zuzia’. It was shot in an abandoned house we discovered in Toronto; a structure that wound up serving as an impressive location to revamp as a stand-in studio for our shoot. I can distinctly remember the illustrious lighting inside the vacant home  -how it urged a spellbinding aura through the windows, splashing the building’s empty walls and the nude form of our elegant model under a sculptured gleam. It had our cameras’ tongues wagging… a circumstance that demanded the careful attention of a photographer’s willing eye. 

     Whenever I look back on career milestones like these, I’m always struck by the profound gratitude I feel when engaging in my line of work. I’ll never stop relishing in the pleasure and joy of what I do!

     Zuzia would soon go on to make a comeback upon its installment at the 2011 Toronto LGBT Film Festival. 


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