Making an Art of the Fiddler

     ​Here’s a gem from 2005; I had the unique opportunity of working with the gifted Ashley MacIsaac for his album debut and was absolutely ecstatic when I got to photograph him in all of his creative splendor. This particular piece was featured in Pride Magazine.

     A true paradigm for Canadian talent, as soon as Ashley starts waltzing his delicate bow across the strings of his fiddle, he becomes capable of lacing just about any environment with electrifying ambiance. As a double-platinum record seller with three Juno awards under his belt, It’s no wonder that the man has an uncanny ability to fill any space with intoxicating melody. His musical prowess has the power to compel even the most stagnant individual into dance! 


Mundane Tuesday

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

I often find myself struggling with Tuesdays. They aren’t like Mondays, the ever-infamous weekday that we all love to hate. And they sure aren’t like  Wednesdays or Thursdays, when the light at the end of the work week becomes palpable as Saturday and Sunday start seeming less a distant fantasy and more an undeniable reality. But I still can’t quite figure out Tuesdays… they bear no significant value for me, and as I’m feeling rather bored on this particular Tuesday, I’ve decided to spice up yours with a little bit of what I like to call; “Caplette Foto Food-Porn”.


Am I making you hungry yet…?

In light of today, I feel compelled to wish you all a Tuesday bountiful with frosted cupcake-y goodness and cheesy-wine perfection. Go treat yourself!

Black & White Flashback….

image“The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper” -W. B. Yeats

     A bewitching image of the beautiful Kate Kelton -shot with black and white film by yours truly.

     This photograph seems to trigger a perpetual nostalgia within me. I’ll always be delighted with how this series turned out; from the way the lighting plays upon the angles of Kate’s features, to the provocative mysticism she so effortlessly captures in her elegant poses and careful expressions. Beautiful!