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Photo Shoot X-Vivid Entertainment Girl Malezia….

Back in 2005 when I was traveling back & forth from Toronto to Montreal for client photo shoots monthly. I met Malezia in my Toronto studio for a  duo style shoot with another model, I ended up staying at her loft near Jean Talon in Montreal and shooting my clients work there. She was signed with Vivid Entertainment at the time, but is no longer. This was a candid photo shoot taken after we drank a lot of wine and I decided to shoot her in what I call a “freestyle shoot”. By the NO photo shop here! Comments welcome hope you enjoy!

Published in VX2 Magazine

Award winning fashion & glamour photographer Angelique Caplette’s work has now been published in VX2 magazine, This photo shoot featured international glamour model Jennifer Nguyen, from Vancouver B.C. Learn more about Angelique

Le travail de primé mode et glamour photographe Angelique Caplette a été publié dans le magazine VX2, Cette séance photo en vedette modèle de glamour international Jennifer Nguyen, de Vancouver BC. More about Angelique