Love this set with Vanesa Garcia of the Montreal Ballet!

love this series of images I shot of Vanesa Garcia of the Montreal Ballet. Message me for prints or stock images.  



“Burlesque Girl” is now Available as Art Prints, greeting cards, pillows and more!

Click on Image to View Prints & SizesI always loved this photograph, it was a more candid shot taken in between posing the model. It has a certain feeling to it that the others don’t. I will be posting more from this shoot in next few weeks including this image, they could be purchased as a series or your home. Enjoy!

“Top Hat & A Wink” Pin-Up Print Available Directly from Art Pal

Click image will take you to the Art Pal Page with this image

A fun themed photo shoot inspired by Bettie Page’s burlesque films. I styled the photo shoot from top to bottom, including the outfit and background. This is one of my favorite shots from the shoot, it captured the look and feel of what I wanted. Click on the image to be directed to the Art Pal Page.

“Tarantula” Art Print Now Available on Fine Art America!

Click on image for Sizes & PricesModel Lu Ming once asked me if I could photograph her with her “Pet Tarantula, and I didn’t believe her at first. When she arrived at my place she carried a small cage with yes that’s right, her “Pet tarantula” inside. I honestly stayed at least 6 feet away at all times, and I tried to get close and look but my inner instincts about spiders kicked in, and I decided my telephoto lens was the best bet. In any case she had a great timeĀ  with her pet spider, and I kept snapping away as the tarantula crawled into her hair as well. I even have a few selects with it on her face! I know Scary! Ok well comments are welcome and if you are interested in this print click on image, I have all sizes, iphone cases, and greeting cards there as well! Enjoy!

Art Print “Veil” now available on Fine Art America!

Photo shoot with a model from Toronto Irena, in an era themed shoot. I styled the shoot from a vintage shop, creating this beautiful timeless image.Click on the image to view prices and sizes available through Fine Art America.

Click Image for sizes & prices
Click Image for sizes & prices

“Watermelon Girl” – Art Print on Artpal

“Watermelon Girl” was photographed in my studio in Toronto, Canada in 2005, with model Melina she is an exotic mix of Asian and Spanish and a stunning subject. I was inspired by Photo magazine cover of a fashion model holding a slice of watermelon, this is my version, hope you enjoy! Print can be purchased at Art Pal by clicking the image.

Premika Model – Freestyle Creative Shoot

I’ve been going through my pics to update my portfolio, and found these gorgeous selects of Model/Actress Premika Leo (Toronto, Canada). We decided to shoot what I call a “freestyle creative shoot” basically styling the shoot together the way we want, and just letting the vibe flow as opposed to constricting the movements and poses. Hope you enjoy! By the way she is smoking an e-cigarette 


“Native Shawl” – Art Print on Artpal!

Native ShawlI loved creating this image with Native American/German model Karen M. in Toronto, Canada. Originally we started it as a make-up and hair photo session, but I decided to shoot “Free style”, at the end and created is one of my favorite images. To purchase click on the image and you will be directed to Art Pal, this print is available at many sizes as well. Enjoy! – Angelique Caplette